Hi! My name is…

Hello there.

I should probably introduce myself. I am Katie Mayer, the owner/photographer here at Capio Creative Co. I started Capio Creative Co. after realizing that my hobbies and passions could all align into one, hopefully, successful career.

As a child I took pictures all.the.time. The proof is in piles of photo albums and a stack of super embarrassing scrapbooks from my awkward years.

Collection of old photo albums

A sampling of my old scrapbooks and photo albums. That would be me on a family vacation with a camera in my hand.

Like many others, when my oldest daughter was born I wanted to take better quality pictures to document our family life. I jumped in and started learning everything I could about photography and purchased my first “real” camera. During the last six years I spent countless hours participating in workshops, watching tutorials, reading books and practicing my skills.

Children happily jumping

Photography started out as a way to capture moments in my childrens lives.

Along the way I had a number of people tell me, “you should be a photographer.” I dismissed the idea… for a variety of reasons. One big reason was that I felt like I owning my own photography business would take me away from the passion I have for business and good old corporate America. See, I have a Masters Degree in Organizational Communication. A field that takes special interest in the way in which businesses communicate. In my professional life I was a communication specialist for a large grocery chain and taught communication classes at the college level. I wasn’t sure how taking picture of babies, weddings or families would mesh with my interest in how businesses communicate.

It wasn’t until my younger sister asked me for a favor that it finally clicked (pun intended). My sister owns a physical therapy and fitness studio, Mindful Matters Wellness, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She needed someone to document her grand opening celebration.  She also needed images of her space, content for her website and social media pages and a fe new professional portraits. I was happy to help her out, but she ended up helping me out. It was while I was away on that trip that I realized, I could combine both my love for photography with my passion for business.

So here I am, an aspiring professional photographer and an aspiring business owner. I want to use my background in communication and my love for all things photography to help professionals and businesses tell their story through compelling and cohesive imagery.

I would love to sit down and chat with you about how branded imagery can help you or your business, let’s chat. |