Pieology Ribbon Cutting Event

Our family LOVES pizza!! I mean we really really love pizza, it’s on the weekly (sometimes more) dinner rotation. My love for pizza can easily be traced back to my childhood. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago where deep dish pizza reigns supreme and was a staple in our house. I am a huge sucker for good pizza and have proudly passed that love on to my children.

I also love the fast casual dining environment. Lets face it I have three kids, one of whom has decided to take the terrible twos to a new extreme. She is a climbing maniac, I swear her little brain is constantly surveying her surroundings to see what death defying climb she can attempt next. We took her out to a sit down restaurant a few weeks ago and she managed to climb on top of the booth and sat perched above us for most of the meal. You know what? I just let her do it, because she is number three and truth be told she is exhausting. I just wanted to enjoy my margarita. So, I let her sit up there and handed her pieces of tortillas, just like a little bird. If you saw us and judged me, I’m totally okay with that. I have lost the energy to argue as to why this should or should not be acceptable in a restaurant… I argue and debate with three irrational mini humans all day long my friend, hence the margarita.

Moral of the story, going to a traditional sit down restaurant is great when it’s date night but when we have the family in tow, fast casual is usually our choice.  Pieology is a win-win, we get to eat good pizza and we’re in and out with minimal monkey business (pun intended).

This brings me to why I was so excited for the grand opening of Pieology! Pieology, thanks for bringing another great dining option to Clive, Iowa. Congrats on your grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. Thank you for letting me be there to photograph your event. I enjoyed the pizza so much I brought the entire crazy clan back the next day and I am sure we will be back again soon!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the ribbon cutting event. Peek at the images, get hungry and then stop by Pieology to try some for yourself.


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