Entrepreneur vs. Mom… Turns Out They’re Not That Different

I am coming to realize that my mom job has a lot in common with my newest job, starting my own photography business. Lately, I have been feeling very grateful that I have been through the trenches with my littles because it’s helping me get through these busy days of starting a business.

Katie Mayer, Owner Capio Creative Co

Katie Mayer, mother and owner of Capio Creative Co. Photo Credit: Kelly Walsh Photography

To start, there are one million and one things to accomplish at any given moment. The juggle is real! There aren’t enough hours in a day. We are taking multi-tasking and prioritizing to a whole new level in this house.

They are also both jobs that never stop. This is especially true for me because as I start to get my name “out there” I am working around the schedule of my children. This means that all my free time (aka when I am not playing referee or pulling the babies hand out of the toilet AGAIN…) I am editing, building my website, participating in a training session or workshop, ect. ect. ect. When you are building your business it doesn’t sleep… hello copious amounts of coffee.

Most importantly though, I see the overlap in “the buck stops here.” This is, for me, the single hardest thing about being a Mom. Although it may not be everyone’s experience I am sure it is the experience of many. In our house, the parenting buck stops with me. Don’t get me wrong my husband works his tail off but sometimes he, “just can’t,” bless his heart. For example, a two-hour long screaming session with a colicky newborn or three super sick and puking children… you get the gist. Like many other moms, I am the end of the road. I have to dig deep find patience or energy or whatever the heck it takes to get through whatever crisis is happening at any given moment. I feel the same pressure with starting my own business and I give mad props to those who have come before me because it is no joke the buck stops with you.

I never thought that my adventures in motherhood would prepare me for this exciting future. But if there is one thing I have learned about being a mom it’s that time doesn’t stop for anyone and you need to appreciate what you have in the moment, even if it’s hard. So although it’s all a lot of work, I am very grateful for the opportunity to be both a mother and an aspiring photographer.

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