Extension Cord

During my latest visit to Milwaukee I attend and shot the Bohannons, ROCKET PALOMA, Dumpster Babies and The Red Flags at Club Garibaldi’s for Extension Cord. Extension Cord is a band promotion, consulting and management company. The lovely folks at Extension Cord are seriously passionate about what they do and it was so energizing to watch them do their thing.

Although this type of event photography was a new to me I had so much fun at the show, learned a lot about how far I can push my gear and am super pumped with how the images turned out.

Extension Cord plans to use the images on their instagram account @extensioncordMKE, social media pages and for content on their website. If you’re ever in Milwaukee you should check out one of their shows, you won’t be disappointed. I know I’ll be back because it was a serious reminder that I absolutely need more live music in my life!


Band Photography Bohannons

Event Photography Concert Bohannons 2

Event Photography Concert Dumpster Babies

Event Photography Concert Red Flags

Event Photography Concert Rocket Palomas |