Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Soo.. today is my birthday, it also happens to be Capio Creative Co.’s birthday! Yep, one year ago I took a big risk and started this little photography business that has taught me so much!

This second year in business my motto is “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” Our life has had a lot of uncomfortable lately. For those of you who don’t know, our family recently relocated from Iowa to Wisconsin. Wisconsin is “home” for us, my husband grew up in Pewaukee, we met while in college in Milwaukee, we got married here and started our family in Wisconsin. Our life has moved us all over the US but we always hoped we would end up back here.

We were excited to move and be closer to our families and old friends but it’s also a huge adjustment, new town, new home, new school, new neighbors… you get the point. Truth be told we were really bummed to leave Iowa. Iowa nice, it is an actual thing and we (me and Capio) had the most amazing friends and clients. To all my clients in Iowa, thank you for the amazing experiences and opportunities you gave me. I am forever grateful to you for having faith in me and for all the support you gave me this last year.

Looking forward, I am in the process of rebuilding Capio Creative Co. in the Lake Country and greater Milwaukee area. The thought of starting over is overwhelming but it’s the year to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so wish me luck as I start over again. Cheers to year two! |