Google my What? Prioritize your Business Profiles

Since starting Capio Creative Co., I have had the honor of meeting a lot of other small business owners. From both my own experiences and in talking with others, I have learned that owning your own business is no joke! It’s a lot of work and there seem to be an endless number of tasks to juggle at any given time.

One of the pieces of advice that business owners hear all the time is that content is king and that they need to connect with and engage their audience. Which is why, it is no surprise that business owners spend a ton of time posting on social media, creating the perfect website and networking to help get their “name out there.”

Having experienced this first hand I am always shocked when I Google a business and see that they haven’t claimed their Google my Business listing on the popular search engine! Google is the number one search engine on the web! We as a society have used the term google so much that it is now included in Merriam-Webster dictionary as a VERB that means “to use a search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on the World Wide Web.”

Google My Business Custom Stock Photography

Image by Capio Creative Co.

It’s not news that the Google algorithm is constantly changing and that Google is very secretive about said algorithm. However, it seems pretty logical that if your business is interacting with Google it’s more likely to be ranked higher than businesses that are not actively engaging with the search engine.

Think about it, your website is extremely important, but your Google my Business page is often the VERY FIRST thing your potential clients or customers see when they search for your site on Google. Business owners spend so much time, energy and money on their websites, advertising and networking it seems like such a missed opportunity when they don’t claim and brand their businesses profile.

I know, I know, I hear the collective groan, when you own a small business the list of social media sites, search engines and websites that you “should” post on seems to grow and grow but I would urge you to think about your priorities here. Not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin or YouTube but a vast majority of people do use Google as their go to  search engine.

The good news is, claiming your Google my Business listing is very simple. If you haven’t yet claimed your business, here is a link that will walk you through the process. If you have already claimed your business, stay tuned because in my next blog post I’ll be talking about best practices for your Google my Business profile. |