Introducing Capio Creative Co.

Before camera phones were a “thing,” I had a friend tell me that they really enjoyed hanging out with me because I always had a camera and took lots of pictures. I have come to realize that this hobby of mine has morphed into a passion or what some might call an unhealthy obsession.

I have been a proud MWAC (momma with a camera) since my personal baby boom. However, after a lot of thought and little push from a few fellow photogs I have decided to up my game and pursue my obsession by starting my own photography company, Capio Creative Co. I will be specializing in commercial photography specifically headshots, company profiles, corporate events, social media and brand visuals.

As I prepare to officially launch, I am building my portfolio and practicing a few new skills. If you want to follow my journey like Capio Creative Co. on Facebook or find me @capiocreativeco on Instagram.

Wish me luck! |