Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair is one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial fairs in the country. It attracts over a million people a year and is ranked as one of the top events in America. So when I was asked by my friends at Red Noise 6 to be one of the official photographers for the fair I jumped at the opportunity.

Truth be told before photographing it, I had NEVER actually attended the Iowa State Fair! So to say I was overwhelmed is a huge understatement. Thankfully, I was working with another photographer from Red Noise 6 who was very experienced in all things Iowa State Fair. We worked as a great duo, a seasoned fair veteran and a fair newbie who was seeing everything through fresh eyes.

We shot almost non-stop for eleven days. It was a lot of long days and an obscene number of images but it was all worth it! I had the most amazing experiences I got to get up close and personal with a 3000 lb super bull, I also got to photograph some amazing musical acts, I was given permission to climb up on to the roof of the Grandstand to capture events from above and to top it all off I met some amazing people who work their butts off to make the Iowa State Fair legendary. I am honored to have been chosen to photograph this event. It will go down as one of my favorite life experiences!

There are so many amazing images from our time at the fair it is almost impossible to narrow down my favorites!

Iowa State Fair goers on the Tilt-A-Whirl

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